Don't Force it! Take a Break.

Hustle culture teaches us, “no days off,” if we take a break, we are lazy and the next person is going to pass us up. If you work a regular 9-5 you suck, and if you don’t have multiple streams of income right now, you are going to be poor forever. Social media teaches us that we need to be on point at all times, everybody needs a business or side hustle, relationships are the new accessory, and emotions are a thing of the past. It’s so loud, it's literally making my ears ring as I'm typing. Imagine what it’s like for an overthinker such as myself, who is trying to process all my thoughts and opinions, sifting through to find which ones are my own, and which ones I’ve picked up from society. What about the person who has been single for some time and genuinely wants a solid relationship, but everyone is emotionally unavailable, yet looking for the same thing? The mom who is getting degreed, climbing the corporate ladder while simultaneously taking care of her kids and partner, but just doesn’t have the energy to keep up with her appearance. Let’s not forget the business owner who is hard at work learning the ins and outs of business, striving to give quality products and exceptional customer service, but constantly living just to survive another day. If we drown out the noise, and assess our surroundings and what the world deems as successful, sexy, or right, it literally sounds like a bunch of bullshit full l of oxymorons and contradictions. If we truly based our life off today's culture we would never get anywhere because it’s just smoke and mirrors. Very few people are actually living by the standards they preach to the world. The best thing we can do for ourselves is create our own path. One that genuinely makes us step away and take a break from the opinion and standards of others and look inward. I KNOW, sounds crazy, but hear me out. Most of the time we look outward for validation. We have low or high self-esteem based on how others perceive us, but if we actually took time to get to know ourselves, spend time with ourselves, then we might find that we truly know what's best for us. Mind blowing right?! It’s just so crazy it might work. There are some real benefits to stepping away and taking a break. Let’s get into it.

What is taking a break?

Taking a break in its simplest form is taking some time off from something, someone, or some people. This is already sounding good right. This could be a break from social media, a day off from work, a vacation, or simply retreating to your home or somewhere to be alone. Now that we’ve cleared up what a break actually is, let’s talk about why we should think about doing this periodically.

Sometimes You need to get lost in yourself.

Sometimes taking a break is leaving everyone alone and getting lost in yourself. What do you like to do when it’s just you? Do you even know? A few years ago, if you asked me this question the only thing I could have come up with is working out, and at the time I don’t think I was doing that alone. The very first time I could remember doing something on my own for the first time in years was going to the movies, and that was by accident. I was just getting out of a long term relationship, and had moved in with my sister. We were trying to get to know each other and had made a movie date to go see Girl’s Trip. She ended up cancelling on me, but in an effort to try and find myself again I made myself go alone. Turned out to be the best time ever. I ended up having the whole movie theater to myself and the thing I remember most about that night was that I was laughing hysterically, by myself. I had so much fun that I would take myself on movie dates all the time. Once the pandemic hit, I started ordering and watching movies at home, but it still has the same effect.

Getting lost in yourself is a beautiful thing. You learn so many things about yourself. What you like, don’t like. You are free to try new things, and the hobby possibilities are endless. Trust me, I've tried a lot of them and am still dipping my toe in new and exciting ventures. In my breaks I’ve learned that I like to draw. I’m kind of a painter, and I can write a hell of a poem. Society teaches us that we need to find our other half, but you are actually a whole person within yourself. Save that other half for finding pieces of yourself, that way when you do find someone, you’ll be a whole, and it will be easier to find another whole. What’s something you’ve been wanting to try, but can’t get anyone to try it with you? Do it, and thank yourself later.