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28 Days Vegan.. The Beginning of the End

What in the hell did I get myself into? Now I tried to go vegan about a year ago, but there were too many rules, and I don't like too many rules. So I called it going "meatless" instead. Worked out pretty well for me besides the fact that I felt like I was repeating meals. I saw some pretty good benefits: my skin cleared up, I had leaned out, felt healthier, and I had energy. I just purchased a new nutrition software to help me meal plan for my clients and I came across some vegan plans. So I thought to myself, "Hey! This is the perfect time to try and go vegan again, but for real this time. Surely these plans will have a variety of things to eat, and I won't be hungry." I'm three days in guys... and well, is it too late to change me mind? Lol.

I'm no quitter, and I know it takes time to get used to new things so I'm going to hang in there, but it's been an adjustment. Like I've said, I've gone meatless before, so I don't miss meat or anything but these substitutes to meat are taking some getting used to. You know how you just expect something to taste like something, you get your mouth ready to taste it, and then the taste slaps you in the face and you are DISAPPOINTED. It's like biting into a pickle thinking it's going to be sour, only to be dill. It's still a good pickle, but you were just expecting something different.

It took me a whole day to reprogram my thoughts into tasting the protein supplements for what they are, and not what I expect them to taste like. Everything that's on my meal plan is decent EXCEPT for them damn beyond chicken strips. They were so tasteless. So tasteless that I skipped dinner last night and just opted for cereal lol. I just needed a minute. I'm going to thug it out though and see where this goes. I'm recording this journey so be looking out for it on YouTube in the near future. Until then... May the odds ever be in my favor.

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