Consistency! The one thing I always ask for, yet the one thing I need the most work on. Isn't it crazy how we can ask, or better yet demand consistency from outside sources, but we don't have that same standard for ourselves? Highly successful people have this down pact, at least in certain areas. I'd like to think I'm consistent in certain areas like drinking coffee, my relationships with my clients, friendships, etc. When it comes to doing something repetitively however, I fall short of being consistent. I have this weird thing where I can jump and do for others with no problem, see whatever task I have until the finish. On the flip side, when it comes to me, I compromise with myself and say oh, I can do that later, or just let it sit on the to do list until last minute. Now that I'm thinking about it, consistency and discipline go hand in hand. So I have to ask myself, how disciplined am I?

I made a commitment to write a daily blog, and for two days I missed. They say don't be so hard on yourself, you are doing the best that you can, but I think sometimes we do need to be a little harder on ourselves so that we can get to the next level. When I think about the reasons I fell off from blogging it boiled down to feelings. Not feeling positive enough to write, so in turn I put it off. Then the next day it was easier for me to not write again. We are not all perfect and I'm learning that I have to unlearn a lot of bad habits to be successful as an entrepreneur. I have to admit where I fall short and work 10x harder to turn bad habits into good ones. I used to think there was a magic pill or a secret to success. Truth is, it's simple yet complicated. All you have to do is be consistent and do the small things to stay consistent. It's complicated though, because most of us are not trained to be patient enough to stay consistent. Everyday is a new day, and you can always try again. So today, I will continue my quest to be consistent. What can you be more consistent with? Comment below.