Silence is Golden

Have you ever stopped to realize how noisy the world and society really is? It wasn't until last year that I realized how much of my life was filled with noise. When I would wake up I would immediately turn on some motivational video on youtube to get my mind right for the day. Once I got dressed and in the car, I would blast some gospel music or trap music to get me pumped to go into work. I know this is a two polar opposite choices but some days I needed to pray and some days I just needed to be a savage before showing these kids who was running ish lol. During the day I worked with kids so I was constantly moving, talking, teaching, in meeting, answering questions and so on. Once I left I would then again blast some music until I got to the gym, where I listened to music throughout my workout. Only to finish my day studying or rewarding myself with TV. Not to mention my many check-ins with social media all throughout the day. We won't even add having a significant other in all of this and tending to their emotional and physical needs as well.

I often found myself frustrated and wondering why I couldn't hear myself think. Why can't I focus on my goals and dreams as much as I want to? It's because I didn't give myself time to think, time to sit in silence. Think about it... How much time do you actually spend by yourself with absolutely no sound or visual context? The things we learn about ourselves in silence is resounding. It is here that we can process emotions, find peace with certain situations, find our purpose, think up new ideas, create, pray, organize, etc. So many amazing things happen in the absence of noise. Truth is most of us can't stand ourselves enough to want to be by ourselves with no distractions. It would cause us to have to deal with situations and feeling that we don't necessarily want to deal with. So we spend most of our days occupying our minds, and distracting ourselves. Ask yourself, do you want to continue to live on autopilot and distracted, or do you want more? Sit in silence and think about it. Comment below.

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