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"Fitness saved my life in more ways than one."


Growing up I was heavily involved in sports. I loved anything that would require me to be active, but track and field was my main sport. I wasn't worried about the effects, I just knew it felt good to move and be active. I was pretty good at it, however never advanced to collegiate level because I simply didn't think I could. I would always hear that I needed to lose weight, diet, and exercise more if I wanted to be a professional. What they didn't know was the more I exercised, the more muscle I would gain, the hungrier I would get, the more weight I would put on. my coaches didn't have the correct science to deal with my body type, or guide me in the right direction. 


Fast forward to adulthood, I  graduated with a degree in Kinesiology ( can you tell I love the body and sports?), but didn't necessarily know what I wanted to do with my degree.I vowed never to become a personal trainer, because I just didn't see the point of them. I found myself in a routine of going to work as a teacher, home, and happy hour day in and day out, finding myself tired all the time and BORED. I've always been a lover of competition and fitness, so for my 26th birthday I decided to enter into a bodybuilding competition. It was during the intense training and dieting that I saw how it altered my mental to give me something to focus on and work towards.I also noticed a mood shift that I was happy to live with. Not to mention the rock hard abs and definition! I went on to win 5th place in my division, however I didn't like how skinny I looked, and the mental battles from not being "competition" ready all the time took a toll on me. 



Although competing in bodybuilding competitions turned out not to be my jam, I did find my love of fitness again. I saw that it made me feel good, it gave me something to work towards, and I could make the rules on how I wanted to look. I had the knowledge and skills to back me, and I wanted to help others do the same. I ended up eating my words in my vow to never become a fitness trainer, but it was well worth it. Thus Fearless Fitness was born! Everyday I get to build help women on their journey to building strong bodies, but more importantly, strong minds. Life can definitely get you down. I think different levels if depression have hit us all at one time or another, so learning how to train your mind and body to respond positively is important. In helping myself, and helping others along the way, fitness gave me purpose, so it definitely has saved my life in more ways than one.


My number one thing to do outside of training is eating. If I'm full I'm happy, and if I'm hungry.. RUN! I love to travel and experience new cultures, and have new experiences with friends and family. I can't wait for the pandemic to be over to do some more exploring. I am a lover of love and all things creative. People say I'm tough but a good romantic movie, or an impromptu date outside makes my heart warm. Creativity takes me to a different world. I can marvel over someones work, whether it be a painting, drawing, video, poetry, anything. We were all put on this Earth for a purpose and those who use their purpose to bring creativity to the world are just amazing. We all have it in us,  we just have to be willing to share it with the world. I can spend days on days, drawing, taking pictures, writing poetry, creating videos, and trying new things to keep the energy flowing.I'm learning to share it with the world more.  You just never know what you can do until you try. 

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